Stay Guitar Tutorial (Lisa Loeb) Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Check out my new guitar tutorial on how to play ‘Stay (I Missed You)’ by Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories. In the guitar lesson I’ll take you through all the parts in the song in detail with chord boxes and accompanying tab.

This guitar lesson goes out to my student, Delphine, who indulged my compulsion to transcribe it during her lesson! This was such a huge song in the mid-90s and I have such great memories of it. I just never took the time or thought to work it out. But here it is!

I transcribed this from a combination of the album version and several live performances of her playing this online. This video was particularly helpful –

The song opens with a lovely picked part which uses some interesting chord ideas, with possibly some new chord shapes for you.

The verse has a cool 16th note strumming vibe, with an uncommon grip for the Am7 chord. There’s a lot of barre chords here so plenty to keep you busy.

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  1. Jenyl Cleo Casongsong

    really helpful thanks a lot <3

  2. much thanks i can play this now!! amazing lesson and easy to follow! I wish you can also do jewel songs, either you were meant for me or who will save your soul.. pretty please??? more power great channel!!!

  3. very nice!

  4. Nice Sound man! (Y) :)

  5. Thanks for the tutorial it's really great! 😀 I was wondering if you could do Ylvis – Old Friends if you have the time, it has a really nice guitar part.

  6. wow! your channel is wonderful! i found it through instagram after you liked a video of my daughter playing her guitar. (Little blonde girl playing Blackbird.)

    i cant wait to share your videos with her. She loves guitar tutorials, but shes only 9 so sometimes they can be a little complicated for kids. your lessons are very clear and detailed. thanks for sharing!!

  7. Henning Bokelmann

    I use capo on 4 … that 10/8 is bit hard to reach on my acoustic … sounds good enough for me

  8. Nice beard man

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