Steely Dan "Josie" – full song guitar lesson | all chords on screen | Weekend Wankshop 221
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Hey kids! Uncle Ben here, back again for Weekend Wankshop 221! On today’s lesson, you’re gonna learn how to play Josie by Steely Dan, from their classic Aja record! I’m going to show you how to play the intro, verse and chorus chords, and bridge riff, all with chord notation on screen.
This is a great song to learn to expand your chord vocabulary, there’s so much cool stuff in here! Tons of that signature Mu Major chord that you’ve heard Rick Beato talk about. Definitely one of my favorites.
I won’t swear that these are the EXACT voicing Walter Brecker/ Larry Carlton played on the record! Its almost impossible to say for sure when you listen to the mix. But this will sound great when you play it, even if you don’t have a million piece band backing you up.
Playing my G&L Legacy with Bareknuckle Veneer Board pickups into my Kemper Profiler here. I made the backing track in Logic plus i used Superior Drummer 3, my LSL Balboa bass, and the Darkglass B7K plugin.
Thanks for watching! What other classic Steely Dan tunes do you want to learn?
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  1. Outstanding, Ben. Maybe you could take a look at "Your Gold Teeth II" some day – Denny Dias' greatest solo, ranking with Larry Carlton's best solos for Steely Dan. Steve Pocaro channelling Dannie Richmond from the Mingus band, Chuck Rainey on bass, Michael Omartian on a Steinway. Gnarly key modulations. Fagen tunefully whining about something mysterious. Perfection!

  2. Solo vote

  3. Congrats on the 200k subs, we love ya Uncle Ben.

  4. That intro gets me every time. So buttery smooth. Rock ‘n’ roll With a slight jazzy flavor to it.

  5. Another great lesson, thanks!

  6. Ben, you are awesome for the Steely Dan content

  7. Love the smugness of 0:32 seconds

  8. I never play stuff like this, so this is great to learn. HOLY CRAP those intro chords threw me for a loop.

  9. At 14:36 it should be FM7add9 instead of Fm. You say it right though 🙂

  10. Really attractive axe dude! Sweet lesson too! Bravo Ben!

  11. Thank you for teaching other styles like pop, r&b and country. It seems most channels focus on shred, hard rock & metal styles. Which is great but who wants to drink the same lager or IPA all the time?

  12. wow unca ben….that waz deep…..

  13. Thanks Ben – nice job. Love Steely Dan. WRT the solos YES PLEASE!!! Other great Steely songs I’d like to see you break down are, FM, Deacon Blues and Kid Charlemagne. Thanks again.

  14. My top 3 guitarist on youtube, Ben, Rick Beato, and Justin.

  15. Very nice, Ben!

  16. Super dope indeed

  17. Odds of Bodhisattva?

  18. Great lesson. Big ass chords indeed just what I need. Wrist and finger calisthenics to be sure.

  19. Closest I've seen to exact for Josie. The only think I'll argue about the last chord of the intro. Live, Larry Carlton plays it XX5533. The notes you're inferring are from other instruments. His fingers never extend beyond the fifth fret for the entire intro [see Larry Carlton – JOSIE (Live)].

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