STELLA BY STARLIGHT – Chord Melody LESSON – Guitar Tutorial

STELLA BY STARLIGHT - Chord Melody LESSON - Guitar Tutorial

Intermediate CHORD MELODY JAZZ GUITAR LESSON on STELLA BY STARLIGHT. Detailed and well explained. TABS available.

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Quite some requests for Stella By Starlight. Since this is one of my favorites too, I really enjoyed arranging this chord melody jazz guitar lesson for you. I made it an intermediate level guitar tutorial.

In this chord melody guitar lesson, I`ll be teaching you how to play Stella by Starlight on guitar inlucing the chords as well as the melody. This is calles chord melody style (or a solo guitar piece).

It`s a purely instrumental guitar tune, so no vocals are needed.

As usual, I`ve also made Stella By Starlight TABS for you, which can be downloaded from the link above.

I added nice rhythmn kicks, modern guitar chords and some nice basslines, to make it sound interesting and groovy.

Of course, as a nice side effect, you`ll learn all the Stella By Starlight guitar chords.

I hope you like this jazz guitar lesson. I have many more available for free, here on Youtube.
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  1. Guitarversum Sandra Sherman

    Let's give a big shout out to my hubby, who edited all this. I`m still sick.

  2. Have you ever considered an arrangement of Lady Blue by Leon Russel?

  3. Pickles Presents

    Always loved this tune. Both you and Puddles have brought it back into the Limelight. Thank you for that

  4. Hi, are you from Germany?

  5. Hi Sandra! Your videos are really helpful and very well done. Maybe you can upload a lesson on Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise? All your videos are great!

  6. reffoelcnu alouncelal

    I’ve been wanting to learn this thank you

  7. Nice job hubby…………we love you both………These videos are so helpful I just can't say that enough…..ron castro

  8. Yehaw chords? I'm lovin' this! Get better, Sandra!

  9. 3:18 half demolished 9th/11 OUCH!

  10. Alexander Altago

    Another nice song. It seems it's easy to learn, but it isn't, isn't it? 😉

  11. Erling Johansson

    Welcome back from your fever (Fever) !!


  13. Hello, Sandra!!! Kisses and greeeeeetings from Brazil!!!

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