Steve Stine Easy Guitar Lesson – Learn to Play “Shine” by Collective Soul in Drop D Tuning

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  1. Luiz Henrique Costapraia

    Sir Steve . You are The Man. Thank you for your lesson.

  2. You are a great teacher! Clear and concise! Thank you

  3. Excellent lesson, Steve Stine rocks!

  4. You are the best! keep up your good work!

  5. exactly what key is this song in

  6. Please make the tutorial for Bleed by Collective Soul

  7. Steve Stein is an awesome teacher

  8. Collective Soul plays it lower than you, maybe a half-step all around? I played both simultaneously, and you're too high. Might not make a difference to a guitar player, but it's a world of difference to a singer.

  9. G'day Steve.
    Are you just playing the low string on its own
    (Drop D) on frets 10, 3,5 etc?

  10. holy shit!!! you are a sen sei !!! thanks a bunch!!

  11. Wow! This sounds great! I need to get his course.

  12. Great lesson mate.
    Cheers for that!!
    I'll have fun learning this song.

  13. Thank you Steve! never realized how easy this part was! Of course it could be the teacher 🙂

  14. One of my favorites of all time!! Thank you very much for this!

  15. Thank you so very much for this video Mr stine, I've always loved collective soul, hellos and many many thanks from good ol Georgia, please keep up the amazing work Steve it has not gone unnoticed good sir!

  16. Thanks Steve, that was awesome! Shine is one of my favourite Collective Soul songs. 🙂

  17. What guitar is that? Looks kind of like my guitar.

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