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  1. Been playing for about four years, my playing partner and i are have been really how bad we play ,both our wifes disagree,what really made a difference with us was we started just listening to the song on you tube , we both pick a strum from our ear and let the song lead us .it made playing fun

  2. I am so glad to find this strumming lesson on you tube. Can't wait to try it out , and see the difference in my "groove" . Actually,I am trying to find my groove now that I'm retired and have more time to practice.

  3. Hi Mr.Stine, Thanks for your response giving guidelines and tips how to improve my playing guitar. First of all, I would like to say that I can play most of the rhythms except to play the style of Heldback style rhythm like in Eagle's " I can't tell you why" etc Also, I face some difficulty in playing some songs, where I had to snap the fretborad with other fingers immediately after hitting Straight Dmaj7 on the second fret. For example , immediately after hitting straight Dmaj7 on the second fret, I want to use my pinky and ring finger together to snap on the 4th fret like some experts o do example . Hello its me by Todd Rundgren and just the way you are by Billy Joel where I want to use it this snap technique. I used to play Eagles songs and Brucespringsteen songs from long before. These days , I am trying to reach the stage where I should try to learn about other programs like Pentatonic scales both major as well as minor. Also, Arppegios etc to use them in case of some of my future performances anywhere I go. Given the nature of my finger condition, I am not confident right now to start saying that I am ready for these courses but it is not far away from here onwards. Then I will contact you for a course online as I am based in Maldives for the last 20 years. You know whats going on right now, is a real struggle as I spent more than one hour only for Finger exercise. Anyways , none can stop me from moving this level to higher level .It is my love for playing guitar after such a long time. These days, I am trying myself for my favourite song " Human touch by Bruce Springsteen. I am always after those songs where there are good lyrics and the singer shows a lot of passion in singing the songs .

  4. Hi Stine,
    as a beginner, I smiled to myself when I could stretch all my fingers on the fret board and move very fast playing the scale position which you demonstrated. But it was not easy before Now it becomes a daily routine in my warm up finger exercise.

  5. Hi Mr.Stine,

    As a Beginner now in playing guitar, even though I was playing guitar in the past in my college time 26 years ago, I realised that your recomended finger excersises really changed my fingers now after two months. I would take an opportunity to learn how to play " Held back rhythm" like in " I can't tell you why by Eagles. I am finding difficulty in playing this type of Held back Rhythm.
    I hope you can teach us online how to play it if you are having some time free for us.

  6. In my opinion , i say you are an angel, when i can steady my heart and my mind is calm , i listen to your words and the love in your heart compels my eyes to tear .

    You are like a ray of sunshine from GOD . When everyone else leaves me your love for teaching shows me something beautiful.

    GOD bless you my brother.

  7. love this it helped me alot ty

  8. thanks..sounds good

  9. Thanks Steve! Your're the best in the biz!

  10. Christopher D'Silva

    Superb !!!!

  11. I love this.

  12. Glad I found you. Absolutely hear your wisdom and relate to your teaching style!

    Just recently started learning to play and you have been helping the process Steve.

  13. Gonna try strumming along to songs with the strings muted to get the hang of strumming before I try to integrate chords into it

  14. Evolutionary Energy Arts

    Steve your awesome Bro!

  15. Thank You – I Have Come Across 35 Different Pattern, Have not Mastered them I am about 7 or 8 Go For it PLAY ON

  16. Ive struggled with strumming for so long

  17. Thanks, Steve. You're great.

  18. Thanks Steve. Practicing this is Time well spent.

  19. Me – a teenager of the 60's, and I didn't learn the guitar!! Just decided that learning it isn't on my bucket list, it IS my bucket list. Had a couple of lessons with a tutor, face-to-face, but it's not always easy to work as they want you to do. You Tube, I thought, there's bound to be some videos on there! Well there is – the good, the bad and the ugly!! I am SO glad that I dropped on to your videos, Steve, because you put it across so well and seem to be teaching me the things I want to learn. So, I'll be listening and strumming away most nights with you – keep up the good work 😉

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