Steve Stine Guitar Lesson – Learn How to Play Night Moves by Bob Seger



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In this guitar lesson, Steve Stine is going to show you how to play “Night Moves” by Bob Seger.

This song uses simple open chords, but the trick to really playing it the right way is getting the strumming pattern down.

Get out your guitar and give this classic tune a try!

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  2. Michael McKamey

    I like the way it sounds with the capo. The f barre chord is tough for me. Thank you 4 the great video, I have been playing 1 year.

  3. why is quality only in 240p o.O. Love this dude though beeen really helpfull helping me learn guitar. Awesome videos man

  4. Wow you're good. Regards . Ethan.

  5. That was awesome! Great song – and thanks

  6. Great job, well done. Thanks

  7. What is with the capo in many videos for this song? I just watched a video of Bob Seger live and he isn't using a capo and is playing it G-F-C

  8. Good video for those that are not affraid to just give it a shot and us faster learners

  9. 是邪恶的习近平

    Not that you pay attention to the comments Steve, but at about 5:00 you discuss the transition right after "with autumn closin' in" … then you cut back into the G-F-C rhythm again. But when I listen to the record, right after 'closin' in" I hear what sounds like a little pluck, hammer on, pull off the into the G-F-C rhythm. I've been messing around with it and can't figure out this set of notes … do you know?

  10. What’s the chorus strum pattern?

  11. Nice lesson. But the cat got my attention much of the time. Real cool cat.

  12. Steve, great lessons. Any chance you can show us how to play Mountain of Love by Johnny Rivers? I would like to play this with our house band.

  13. Damon Rothermel

    probobly the best video Ive seen on this.. but fuck 5 seconds after you say it I forget what you are saying and I can not write it down fast enough to remember. I dont know chords I can play well enough to do it.. suggestions or recomendations would be highly appriciated.. same time I have a cognative disorder and I dont want to hear the word I or me.. Most of these videos have I I me me me.. Yeah fuck you very much just the facts mam.. yeah thats my taretts coming out..

  14. Two thumbs up!

  15. hey brother Steve.

  16. Hey, thanks for this video, man! I picked up a guitar a month ago and I've always wanted to play this song. It's still tough trying to switch comfortably between chords, but I'm hoping that an hour of playing per day will solidify the muscle memory over time!

  17. Very well done lesson, you're a god!

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