Steve Stine Guitar Lesson – Learn How To Play Personal Jesus by Johnny Cash



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In this guitar lesson, Steve Stine shows you an easy way to play Johnny Cash’s version of Personal Jesus.

Cash’s version has got a slightly different “feel” than the original by Depeche Mode. Pay close attention to the rhythm, so you can play this song the way you like best. 🙂

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  2. You are an excellent tutor and guitar player- thankyou.

  3. Great lesson, helped me very much – I'm playing it!

  4. Plz teach us guitar solo in song 'Hide me now' hillsong song plz

  5. ❤❤❤

  6. Just one quibble — the title of your video says "Personal" rather than "Personal Jesus"

  7. Excellent tutorial. Some other reviewers complained that it was too long, but I thought there were lots of great details on the nuances of the riff, strumming, etc. Time well spent. And very professional production quality. People who gave this a thumbs down might ask themselves what they have given the world recently …

  8. Appreciate all the great instruction!

  9. Steve, would love a lesson on Seether cover of Deftone's "Change in the House of Flies"

  10. your guitar sounds gorgeous. what make is it?

  11. otuzdortistanbul

    wow this is the best instructional video i've seen on youtube. you're definitely a great teacher. thanks a lot for showing me how to play this song. i love the Johnny Cash version. btw you've probably found out who the guitar player was for this song since this was uploaded 3 years ago but i would like to point out once again that it was John Frusciante

  12. Green Emp!RE Stephen Jones

    can you do tree top flyer

  13. philip thornton

    can anybody help me here I'm sure I heard a song from the 1950s with the identical or nearly identical guitar riff that is from Personal Jesus I'm not even sure it wasn't the Everly Brothers

  14. Dübeln statt grübeln

    what kind of guitar is it?

  15. What is the name of thisguitar

  16. cute thing, would you write a chords…. I am a beginner..thanks would be great

  17. This is the only video tutorial I found where the F# and F are articulated correctly– it's not as simplistic a song as just repeating the 1,3,5 with an added 4th. Thanks Steve Stine.

  18. lifeintokyo100

    Thank you … your teaching is spot on … a new fan


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