Steve Stine Guitar Lesson – Learn How To Play Seven Nation Army by White Stripes

In this guitar lesson, Steve Stine teaches how to play “Seven Nation Army” by the White Stripes.

Unlock Your Fretboard the EASY Way:
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  1. wow so decisive

  2. That's a beautiful guitar

  3. thats not right, the song is in Open A not standard… E A C# E A C# for the slide part

  4. Thanks a lot – super tutorial.

  5. URGANT!
    what volume bass tremble gain do you use to set up your amp, 
    it's impossible to make the noise you make, i can't really do it 🙁

  6. What is the tuning what were those chords???? Haaa?!?!?!

  7. You are better than any one I know

  8. Thanks man like best teacher ever I'm a beginner and that was just amazing teaching

  9. My personal teacher!! In real life. He knows his stuff

  10. Best tutorial

  11. One of the best teachers I have ever seen. Simplifying everything for a beginner. Going to give this a try when I have time. Thanks!

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