Steve Stine Guitar Lesson – Learn to Create a Melody Using Arpeggios

In this guitar lesson, Steve Stine teaches how to use Arpeggios to create a “melody” in your playing.

This is a technique that many players use, from David Gilmour to Eric Johnson. We often think that Arpeggios are just used fast as in “sweeps”, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Melody often relies on the connection of the notes of the chord being played, and that’s where arpeggios become really useful.

Keep looking for more guitar lessons on guitar arpeggios, and how to use them in your guitar playing and guitar solos.

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  1. Kjell Bilstrup

    Great video, Steve!

  2. Thanks, Steve! As usual, your explanations are clear, succinct and practical with a hint of the passion that drives your own playing. Just what I need.

  3. Artist/abstract painter Elvis Barbarella Bellucci

    steve, this is brilliant, i actually sound melodic now and surprised myself, thank you, thank you

  4. Yeah I like playing that way I think it sounds really cool

  5. I am facing the problem of doing arpeggios because I am supposed to play the song only in the chords.And the next thing is I am facing a problem of keeping a song in a scale

  6. Steve, Messed up my wrist in an accident but still like everything you put out and hope to get back into it in a couple of months keep doing what you are doing , I watch all you put out on here!

  7. andrea bottino

    Good video but anyone trying to apply this will need to be confident with playing all the traid inversion first (imho)

  8. Thanks for the great lesson Steve!!

  9. Great lesson!!

  10. Really helpful..Thanks for your lessons sir.

  11. That's very helpful. Do you have any concentrated in depth lessons on Arpeggios on You website? I tried to purchase some lessons but your website was not letting me for some reason. Anyway, I need and desire to learn Arpeggios with some good useful exercises across different chords. Any info is appreciated.

  12. thank you sir….for this arpeggio leason…it's really good for soloing…

  13. The Android Gamer

    hey sir.. can you please make a video on tones on amps or how to dial a good tone? I want to play metal but my gain gives disturbing sound instead of a heavy sound

  14. It sounds great and has good sliding from 8 to 12 fret on higher E, and I think it also has unrecognizable slide from fret 9 to 5.
    It's awesome. Thank You Mr. Steve Stine.

  15. Thanks Steve. Great Lesson.

  16. I'll try.

  17. Hello Steve, excellent arpeggio study!! That was a key which opened wonderful creative ideas to practice. Thank you for all you do !! Excellent teacher …

  18. I will definitely practice this one….thanks Steve! Jake here from the philippines

  19. Excellent lessons on this channel! I shared on my Google+ page too.

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