Steve Stine Guitar Lesson – She Talks to Angels by the Black Crowes (standard tuning)

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In this guitar lesson, Steve Stine shows you how to play “She Talks to Angels” by the Black Crowes in standard tuning (the original song uses a different tuning, but we get a lot of requests to play it without having to retune the guitar).


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  1. I've been learning guitar from an instructor but we haven't gotten to picking yet, and I'm a little impatient to dive in so I watched this video and had no problem starting to learn the licks! Also did not know about harmonics yet until I watched this. Thanks for this lesson, it's awesome.

  2. One of the best instructors out there folks !

  3. Thank you sir!

  4. Hey Steve could you teach what you give by Tesla

  5. 3:10 you got black by pearl jam, 2 birds stoned at once

  6. And here i thought this was in open e. There i go thinking again. Lol

  7. Nice lesson…
    if you could go into more detail about the strumming pattern would help…Thx

  8. Anyone who doesn't like this guy… I don't know what to say.

  9. Great tutorial. Thanks.

  10. I Realize this is an older video but…much appreciated! I just restarted guitar after years off & your all videos are great! Thank You !

  11. Nice job. Those harmonics are off tho, and here is how you fix them: hold your E chord, and with your pickingbhand's middle finger, tap the harmonics out on the 14th, then the 9th frets of the 4th and 5th strings.

  12. This song fits perfectly with the first module of Play Acoustic Now! Thanks!

  13. Great job of breaking this down and showing multiple finger usages. This was helpful.

  14. This guy is awesome! I’ve learned more over a weekends than I had taking lessons at a store.

  15. Thanks you Steve! I've learned so much in just a short time from you! You even make the tough lessons enjoyable!

  16. Nice work Steve great song thanks.

  17. I just found my next 'ego' or fun song. I'm working my way through, play acoustic guitar now, slowly but surely. struggling a bit and I come across this jem, it will give me some space from the class and I get to learn one of my favorite songs. Thanks Steve!

  18. You are the best. I wish you had been around back when I was just getting started.

  19. Mickey McConnell

    Just got a new acoustic and trying to get some songs on the list. This is a great lesson, Steve. Thanks!

  20. thank you !! finally an easy clear lesson on my all time favorite song… I CAN PLAY IT NOW !!!

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