Steve Stine Guitar Lesson – Understanding the 12-Bar Blues and the I IV V Chords

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  1. Wow. Eyeopener. Thanks Steve. You make me feel like I can get on top of that hill and get a view into the promised land, if you understand what I mean

  2. The "Bob Ross" of the Music World.
    Just playin some damn Happy Notes over here!
    Awesome instruction.

  3. This guy explain things so clearly, and I don't even speak english (native, I mean). Thanks Sir

  4. great lesson though

  5. use dominant chords

  6. Excellent lesson and info. Thanks a lot.

  7. You've got another subscriber here

  8. You are an excellent teacher

  9. This would be better if you would also put up a chalkboard overlay as you talk about these things. I am someone who learns best by hearing and seeing at the same time; the seeing gives me something to anchor the hearing to. Good video; I enjoyed this. Thank you for putting this up for us. 😀

  10. Your mom played my 4 chord

  11. sweet

  12. Nice guitar! Thanks…

  13. Can you make a lesson on how to play the "a shape" bar chord? I have trouble doing it. Thanks

  14. Steve you are truly an awesome teacher!

  15. Very helpful, thank-you very much

  16. Chris Chamberlain

    such a great lesson. steve, you always explain so clearly, it really helps alot! thank you!

  17. finally I get it thank you bro

  18. Steve, i love you man. Thanks for everything what you doing.

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