Steve Vai Guitar Lesson – Bending Notes – Alien Guitar Secrets: Passion & Warfare

Steve Vai Guitar Lesson - Bending Notes - Alien Guitar Secrets: Passion & Warfare

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  1. Man, things must be really bad for Steve, he can't even afford straight frets! 🙂

  2. I just saw one of the greatest string benders of all—– Joe Walsh. I saw the Eagles show a few weeks back, with their fantastic giant video projection system that makes them all 30 feet high. The cameraman frequently zoomed in on Joe's hands during his solos, which was really amazing to watch. Also his Eagles partner, the great Steuart Smith, who is another string-bending virtuoso. Joe is playing as great as ever.

  3. Rhonda Ambrosio

    Thank you. I've always wanted to be able to make my guitar 'sing beautifully' like yours does. This helps me to better understand my relationship with the strings. My playing still doesn't sound much like yours, but it is still beautiful! Thanks! 🙂

  4. Bruce Dureault Jr

    i love that bendy face your making Steve. Brilliant

  5. upplsuckimcool16

    Am I the only one that thought 90% of what he played here was shit? I just watched a video of him similar to this and it's like two different people.

  6. his frets are fked up

  7. OK so I've just seen these frets for the first time today; done a little look around and I understand they correct what has always been a slightly inaccurate situation with conventional straight frets. But do they work on barre chords?

  8. there something wrong with my eyes, or my monitor is broken ? or the frets are really crooked ? :O

  9. Perfect Stranger

    Bending strings… where's David Gilmour?

  10. I'm interested in what string gauge je uses, anyone knows ?

  11. Nice but, this kind of 80's guitar sound is really kind of irritating to me. Outta here.

  12. Acho mais viável tocar assim também.

  13. Benjamin Jentgen

    I really love how he's talking about guitar. And spitting while bending.
    I listen and understand directly, it's wonderful !

    But I struggled a lot with bends because I've been scaring for a long time the strings to break … And my hands and fingers are pretty weak so now I can hit the full bend because I changed for .009 gauge strings. I tried on my old guitar with thicker strings, I just cannot hit the full step or only with lots of pain ahah.

  14. I’m sorry but those frets being bent like that are even making Vai’s playing sound like shit.

  15. Aashay Chaturvedi

    He is God man

  16. This man is not only a musical genius, but he's got the wisdom of a sage.

  17. Disappointed. A beginners lesson. I'm leaving.

  18. I don't know why he insists on using gems… that body shape is not very nice… Other than that, there is no denying his genius and legend status as a guitar god.

  19. I'm always thrilled when a master unveils the machinery: you think the guy was born gifted (ok maybe that's the case sometimes) but in reality it's been hours and hours and hours of hard work

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