Stevie Ray Vaughan Guitar Lesson

Stevie gives a lesson


  1. melodymakermark

    How good was this guy? Yes. Yes he was. I understand ole #1 had a neck replacement at one time. What I wouldn’t give to have that original neck in a shadow box hanging on my wall.

  2. The Goddamn Batman

    jeez i mean the guys a good guitar player but far from phenomenal. almost everything he's played has been played better before.. i really dont see the hype here. sure he seems nice and hes an incredibly hard worker, but pretty unimpressive to me in the actual playing field

  3. A sad loss, the world would be better with him still tearing it up. Stay away from planes and helicopters, we weren't meant to fly.

  4. This brought tears to I miss him.

  5. He’s the best blues strat player that’s ever lived! No one can replicate what he done.

  6. Love you SRV

  7. damn.. he's fast.. n yeah.. really cool.. wish i could have his skills. :p definitely one of the best blues guitarist in the world.
    it was golden age when all musicians like him were still around.

  8. Shoulda stayed off that plane, dameet!
    Just like the other Greats from Texas.

  9. mimics clapton like a god

  10. stiffy upperlip

    It`s amazing how he play so relaxed, knowing he`s instrument, like it is… his best pal.
    Never ever stops wondering how "easy" it looks, when he played.

  11. I love SRV now. I'm glad I really listened

  12. Richie Blackmore said SRV didn't do anything special!! And he lost all credibility in saying that

  13. Makes me want to shake both Stevie’s hand. So cool..the both of em.

  14. That bone carving looks like it is of Maori origin.

  15. HmongGuitarPlayer

    I can’t bend those freaking thick ass strings.

  16. Muhammad Steinberg

    I always feel like saying Fuck-it and burning my guitars after watching him play.
    Glad he ditched the Sam Kinison look…lol

  17. Miss SRV greatly!!

  18. What a shame we lost this guy

  19. "NO ONE"……is better than SRV!!!!!!!

  20. Ricardo Sotosan

    The greatest

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