Stevie Ray Vaughan – Pride and Joy – Blues Guitar Lesson – Texas Blues Fender Strat

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  1. Jose Alberto Delgado Durán

    Marty, eres absolutamente genial.. Te sigo desde España y te agradezco muchísimo tus clases¡

  2. Man I know this is an older video but it’s just so good! Thank you man. Trying to read tabs for stuff like this from SRV is so difficult and makes so much more sense when you walk through it.

  3. Ok so e flat or half step tuning?

  4. Hey Marty, thank you so much for your brilliant videos. I was wondering are you going to post the second half of the song?

  5. Instead of teaching 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + for the rhythm, you should have explained a bit on the actual shuffle element. It's a triplet with the 2nd note emitted. So a regular triplet is counted as 1 + a 2 + a, etc. To get a shuffle feel, don't play on the +. So it's effectively 1 (x) a 2 (x) a, etc.

  6. great lesson. i learned the intro and some into the first verse of riviera paradise just by reading the tabs (hard, but ive been playing a while) and watching this made pride and joy self explanatory. thank you very much for this post. love the song. love srv

  7. Can I learn this on a acoustic and it still sound good?

  8. You sir never cease to amaze me! Thank you!

  9. GREAT LESSON, MARTY! Now I know why cats like playing this so much. It's so much FUN to play! You really got me into it (correctly) with your superb teaching style. See these guys play casually which led me to YOU, to learn the cool, signature opening. (thx Marty, my Main man!)

  10. Marty, you are tuned down. Is this mentioned anywhere? Great playing though!

  11. I think he played it and honestly it sounds better on the middle pickup not the neck

  12. You explain the pieces really well but how would you play the entire song as in what would the pattern of pieces be

  13. Why didn't you just use standard tuning geez.

  14. He is using the obama finger.

  15. YOU FLIPPED ME OFF?!?!?!? WTF>>

  16. ———————————-> D# G# C# F# A# D# <———————————
    Above are the correct string tunes Marty forgot to mention so you can play together with the video. I thought my tuner was broke for a min. Its in drop D… D Sharp lol. Who plays in drop D#? Cant argue with the resulting sound. Found a new fav key 🙂 Thanks for that and the lesson too Marty! A+++!!!!

  17. Please do a PT.2

  18. Curious instead of using a regular A and E chord can it be swapped with a E7 and A7? It sounds good to me.

  19. kuya totoy Grangos

    Hey marty great job.. learned heaps from your lessons. Do you think you can do a lesson on Jerusalem ridge..

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