Stevie Ray Vaughn – Life By The Drop (Opening Lick) Guitar Lesson – Acoustic Blues

Stevie Ray Vaughn - Life By The Drop (Opening Lick) Guitar Lesson - Acoustic Blues

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  1. Quality lesson as usual Marty.

  2. I like that Taylor!

  3. Giovanni Harrell

    Good job Marty!

  4. This is awesome and one of my favourite SRV songs. Just took a bit perseverance with the phrasing more than anything. Cheers fella, never though I'd have this little gem in my toolbox.

  5. Hey Marty what type of strings do you use ? Are they medium gauge ?

  6. doesn't SRV use a 12 string for the intro on this one? maybe some sort of electronic device to make it wound like one

  7. Nice vid… well laid out.

  8. Do a "Shake for me" lesson please.

  9. And all through the house not a creature was .
    Marty put the damn guitar away it's 300am.!!!!!!

  10. thanks for the lesson. I'm playing the notes in order, but not getting the syncopation. When you are slowing it down, it's not the same syncopation as the regular speed. Awesome Lick! Rock on….

  11. Looks like you're the only Youtube tutorial for this that actually got the rhythm right, Ole tu man thanks!

  12. Thanks for this awesome lesson, Marty!

  13. Marty, you have to do "Life without you." That solo alone is a classic

  14. johan håkansson

    Now its officially the first lick/riff I really learned. Now I just have to put it togheter with the rest of the song 🙂

    Thanks Marty!

  15. I've ben playing since I was 12. I'm a disabled vet now, brain injury. Forgot everything. Time I got. Thanks man.

  16. Daniel Barnhart

    SRV was an awesome guitarist can't wait to learn this one!

  17. Daniel Barnhart

    Thanks man!

  18. I was gonna recommend this, but I'm glad I looked for it first.

  19. Thanks Marty

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