Stevie Wonder Superstition Electric Guitar Lesson how to play

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Stevie Wonder Superstition Electric Guitar Lesson how to play
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  1. thank you

  2. do I have to tune down to a e flat tunning my whole guitar our low 6

  3. great video, best explained tutorial out of the 4 I watched before this…don't judge… and it's really fun to play, just subbed

  4. i love your instructional lessons, they are so helpful for me and my guitar skills.

  5. i got tired of the talking before the riff is displayed fully…sorry 

  6. I;ve recently was gifted a loop pedal and have been getting some greeat groove tracks ideas from your videos! 🙂 keep on rocking man! 

  7. 2009 omg

  8. Nice Video ! :)

  9. lol?? did this guy cover every existing classic song ?XD

  10. You ROCK Marty……..THANKS!!!

  11. May the Shwartz be with you

  12. Ninjafish Fisher

    great lesson needed this for band now ive got it *subscribe*

  13. Ninjafish Fisher

    helped me so much !!! needed this for band now i have it cheers bro keep up the sick lessons

  14. busterthekingdog

    Amen to that!

  15. Martin Cooper. I signed up just to tell you to go f**k yourself . Leave then. We're all here cause Marty is the bomb and the most positive, helpful guitar teacher on the web.

  16. watch?v=9MPTcYrWSl8

    Check martyz cover of superstiton

  17. Wtf is this !!! This isn't what I want2 play

  18. Conner Matthews

    its more than one guitarist…….

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