Still Feel Like Your Man – John Mayer – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

00:30 00:38 Intro
2:25 2:47 Verse
6:34 6:54 Chorus
11:02 11:18 Bridge

Use this video as a reference where you can see John play it:
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  1. Dude…you are a life saver (0_0)/, you made the only learnable video for this song, I've watched tons of videos to learn this but they are very secretive and don't wanna show the fingers or the chords, it's ridiculous that they don't want to share this amazing song, but seriously bro you helped me alot 🙂

  2. I briefly skimmed through and will learn this from you, I can tell it's a great lesson! I was watching another that got very intricate with beginning lick and your method with the two chords I think sounds nicer on acoustic.

  3. Paul Evangelista

    Thank you bro! Hope you'll succeed as a youtuber cuz I guess you're making covers

  4. Thank you bro, great job and you're the only one out there for this that's actually learnable

  5. Thanks!

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