Still Got The Blues Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – Gary Moore – Intro & Main Solo

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These Still Got The Blues guitar lesson videos will take you into the style of the late great blues rock giant Gary Moore. His uncanny sense of melody produced some of the most beautiful guitar moments ever recorded.

Gary Moore’s powerful playing style is something that every guitarist should study no matter what style of music they play. “Still Got The Blues” is his most popular hit not only because it is such a beautiful song, but because the guitar solos showcase Gary Moore’s signature melodic blues playing in full force.

The Still Got The Blues guitar lesson videos include all three guitar solos and some of the most melodic chord progressions you will ever hear in a blues rock style.

These video guitar lessons are a great way to learn how Gary Moore incorporated standard blues techniques within a more classical-esque scale style to create jaw dropping results for the listener.

Whether or not you are familiar with Gary Moore’s work or you are just discovering this guitar icon you will have a blast learning his signature piece in its entirety. Good luck!! 😀

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  1. Love the lesson!!! However, sounds much better on a les Paul.

  2. Always loved this song, I got to see Gary Moore in concert back in 1985.
    . It was before he got the Blues.

  3. what time does the main solo start?

  4. Jacek Jarentowski

    Hi. I have BOSS GT1 (that small), can anyone advice me on effect setup for this song? THX!

  5. great job

  6. Awesome tutorial pal. Would you kindly also explain how to get that original tone, amp and effects pedal setup so we can savor em all the way! Thanks a zillion in advance.

  7. I always follow you to improve my guitar technique go on like this

  8. Marc-André Fontaine

    Wow!!! Thank you so much!!!! You teached me 3 songs in 1 day!!! One of the best lessons on the Web!!!!


  10. Gabriel Armando Peñalver Ramallo

    Cool lesson! What scale is he using?

  11. Presley's Artwork

    The first part of this lesson got almost 600k views and every other part has 200-300k views
    1 of every 2 people trying to learn gives up

  12. You are the man figuring that lick out!

  13. The loner

  14. Gettin" my drink(a big one) ready for the monster. Thanks, will contribute sometime after April 15. Actually I think it's April 16th this year. "Cause I still…… got the taxes…… for you.

  15. What effect does this song use? (Fuzz, Flanger, etc?)

  16. Where is …the Loner….

  17. How to set the amplifier?

  18. Musiians seaking freinds

    i really liked it

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