Stir It Up Bass Lesson – Bob Marley – For Intermediate and Beginner

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Stir it Up

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  1. please make lesson song could you be love.thank you

  2. I think you should flatten the D because it sounds wrong

  3. guitarrerobrasileiro

    Hi. This version is a different the version that you recorded in other video that you play this line complete with original version.
    You usually the note F# before a note E in the chord E7 major and in your other video you play note D before E.
    Thank you so much. I made this comentary to colaborated, ok?
    So long.

  4. do you know the song by red hot chilly peppers suck my kiss? can you teach me the break down ..the notes and how to play them? your the only on I found that breaks the song and explains them correctly I need your help

  5. Can you play "woman by John lennon

  6. ty man very good jobs

  7. U DA MAN

  8. Any more videos please do helpful

  9. Hi I Really like your videos,especially the lessons. Hope you can post some more song tutorials soon. I can now play Jammin and Stir it up. I have only been playing for eight months so your lessons have been a great help. Thank you. James.

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