Stone Temple Pilots – Creep – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

**GEAR INFO, PURCHASE DETAILS, DISCOUNT CODES CLICK SHOW MORE** How to play teach learn Stone Temple Pilots Creep acoustic parts with tabs and strumming patterns on guitar lesson cover tutorial free online youtube by Ryan Puskarich. **Lesson done by request @ rpguitarvids**

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  1. HappyHappyistGaming

    Thumbed down because lots of other tutorials will show how to actually make an E7 Major, not just say, "Ok, play an E7M here, and then a C" etc. This tutorial isn't exactly newbie friendly considering you need to use google with it.

  2. This is the best tutorial of this song, thank you man…

  3. Very clear and precise tutorial.  Thanks!

  4. I wanna cheat on that B7 but youve proven its right. I dig your methods of instruction. Perfect for an intermediate ear player that NEEDS them chords called out. haha Thanks bro and much respect….on a major STP kick. RIP Weiland

  5. thanks to you, I finally learned the chorus! you are a great instructor

  6. thx tune that thing or do a neck adjustment..not hating

  7. This helped me

  8. Strangely the hardest part for me is the Cmaj to B7 change, but getting there, top lesson as always.

  9. We all listen…. most of uf…get it…………………… but for Me.. its better when its being sang & played…………..sorry……………….& thnks for your time

  10. I bought a talkbox two years ago. I refuse to talk to anyone unless I have it cranked. If any of you are trying to get rid one or two (or all) of your friends, this is actually a fun way to do it.

  11. Really good tutorial, very clear.

  12. fuck these explanation is for real retards. Boy, just play the song slowly that's it!

  13. In the music video the guitarist is fretting hella barre chords…do you think that's how thy really play it?

  14. Stef van der Weijden

    I found it easier to play the chorus like this:



  15. I already learned another way to play the chorus that is way too easy and sound just as good, but I will practice it both ways, just to see which is best.

  16. i stumbled across this vid while looking for a sample to learn by and am gonna rock the shit out of this song now. Thanks

  17. Amazing lesson ! thanks, bro ! Regards from Brazil

  18. Great style of teaching and great song. What brand of guitar are you playing…sound great!

  19. Thank you man, got it down after a few rewinds of the video

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