Stone Temple Pilots – Plush – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

**FOR GEAR USED, DISCOUNT CODES AND PURCHASE INFO CLICK SHOW MORE FOR DETAILS** How to play teach learn Stone Temple Pilots Plush acoustic parts with tabs and strumming patterns on guitar lesson cover tutorial free online youtube by Ryan Puskarich

Taylor 214ce-G
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  1. fuck the mutting

  2. I really love the guitar sir. And aside from that, explained and demonstrated everything. Well done!

  3. you had me until 6:04, then it just gets way to fast

  4. Ty bro! awesome

  5. Awesome lesson, you rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. On the Eb Major 7, instead of X 6 5 3 3 3 , try X X 1 0 3 3 . Basically the same notes, but much easier to play. Great lesson!

  7. I love this song, and your arrangement is really cool, just the right amount of challenge. thanks

  8. Wonderful!

  9. Michael D'villis

    thanks for posting. I don't even play guitar, just have one sitting around, and I was able to play this with your instruction.

  10. Qual a afinação do violão?

  11. Qual a afinação do violão?

  12. hey! really appreciate your posting this. best version I've seen. (and nice ink!)

  13. very sexy sleeve m'boy!

  14. Neel Spile Bendixen

    Perfect lesson man! Thanks for organizing it the way you did. Makes it Easy to learn!

  15. subscribed you have the best lessons

  16. I knew how to play it,well i thought i did,and you helped me fill in what i was missing.. thanks man..

  17. Nice video. Very helpful. Thank you.

    I just wanted to point out this:
    The bridge is a little incorrect. The last two notes. You spend more time/strums on the D# than on D ( 7:19 ). Listen to STP playing this part again. D# and D have the same strums quantity.

  18. How are you doing the muting during the chorus and verse? I notice it isn't on the neck so how are you keeping the chord from ringing out?


  19. What's the fingering for that first chord in the chorus – E something? Is it a C shape barred on 3? I can't get it to sound right and I didn't see the finger chart for that one. Can anyone help? Is it the same as the E in the verse? I just can't get it to sound quite right.

  20. Awesome lesson! One of my all time favs! Thank you!

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