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Guitar Lesson: String Bending In Blues Lead Guitar – Mechanics & Technique
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In this guitar lesson we’ll be looking in detail at the mechanics behind successful string bending and specifically how to use it in Blues Lead Guitar! More info and FAQ on the web site! This is lesson 3 in my Essential Blues Lead Guitar Module.

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  1. I just cant seem to not get my fingers under the other strings while bending.

  2. is it normal even if you do it correctly but still feel pain?

  3. Александр Денисюк

    15:04 I have such problem quite often, when my fingers go under the highest string, especially when I bend E or B string. Maybe, I'm wrong, but I think it's because of thin fingers

  4. Keith Whittingham

    No idea whether it's good/bad or whether Justing knows he's doing it but his finger placement when playing a note is accurate and 'on' the fret but when he bends he steps back the 3rd finger to the mid point between the frets. 11:31

  5. Great video! Slightly off topic but I'm 18 years of age. I've been learning for guitar for about a year now and granted I love learning it, but I feel like I've hardly made any progress. I used to learn a lot of Nirvana since they had a lot of nice melodies and were simple. Now I'm really taking guitar on board by learning about music rather than a song. Problem is, I generally don't have a clue hpw to learn guitar properly. I simply want to play my favourite songs, get into solos and learn more about the instrument. Any tips and advice?

  6. I always think it's poppycock that you should use your arm instead of the fingers, because I can do it better with fingers; but when I've been practising bending, it's the outer "meat" of my hand and the upperarm that are feeling the effort. So I mosty likely think I'm using the fingers, but I'm unconsciously using my hand, wrist and arm 😀

  7. This radically changed the way I play guitar! I owe you big time! Can't thank you enough!!

  8. Or, can I borrow one of my spectators' tuner during a gig?? If someone would just throw a damn tuner over at me on stage I'd much appreciate 🙂

  9. Cherokee Fraction

    OMG, I get it at last

  10. MIchael Harrington

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  11. Omar Rodrigo Harris Maytín

    Lots of info here. Info you don't elsewhere! Thanks.

  12. Came here to learn blues techniques. Got through stage 6 of your beginner guitar, and have been hungry for just learning stuff. This will definitely take up a lot of my guitar energy! lol

  13. I have a little problem. Sometimes my fingers when bending go under the other strings. Is something wrong with my string height (looking to the height of strings it is 0.5 cm)

  14. awesome video. Justin always gives all the little fine details to master a technique.

  15. Karthik Ramakrishnan

    Best teacher in the world

  16. My fingers really hurt and this was quite difficult but also really helpful. Thank you, Justin!!

  17. I cant jam on the blues rhythm. But i think this bending tutorial let me play more melodic and open the door to improvise my lick.

  18. Lemon Productions

    Super helpful!

  19. Wow. I have been doing beds wrong since the beginning. Thank you, good sir

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