String muting exercises – How to play bass guitar lesson six

String muting exercises - How to play bass guitar lesson six

Timing is not the only key to tight rhythm playing — the ability to play cleanly can be just as important. Here one of The Institute’s ( bass faculty, Ben Jones, talks you through a couple of simple string muting techniques that could help you tidy up sloppy tones and break some bad habits.

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  1. Thank you! I'm an absolute beginner and couldn't figure out how to stop the annoying residual sounds! I'll have to practice muting. Got it.

  2. Hi! Very helpful and straight to the point!! Well done!! Many Thanks!!!

  3. Thank you very much!I never understood until now what was the difference between making a normal note and muting it!It was always seemed to me that you had to keep the pressure down to mute it!Well explained!

  4. but what about muting the same note repeatedly like in every breath you take from the police?

  5. I use both my hands to mute, But i still get a faint harmonic ring from the G string, And sometimes the D string, Where am i going wrong?

  6. Intelligent- a very intelligent explanation of muting strings to avoid unwanted ringing. Thank you.

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