Stu Hamm U: Slap Bass – #8 Think Like a Drummer – Bass Guitar Lessons

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  1. Amazing! Awesome.

  2. guwno

  3. A pair of what, Stu? 😉 I got tired of slapping my knees, so, bae offerred me her….nevermind.

  4. When it comes to the paradiddles, think 1, 2, 3 4, where 1 and 3 4 are played with the same hand. If you cant count to 4 you'll never be a musician!!

  5. Sergio Contreras

    Play Satriani's songs better

  6. Your technique made it look so easy.. :)) thanks sir

  7. Dude, the last 10 seconds gave me a stinkface that lasted over an hour… Awesome.

  8. Rodrigo Zambeli


  9. Paradiddle sounds a bit like the guitar intro to Mean Street (VH).

  10. The paradiddle has eluded me my entire life.
    Anyway, Stu RULES!!!!

  11. One of the most important and useful tips to playing the funk bass 🙂 ooh, and I really admire stu's playing

  12. Stu Hamm, more thumb than man.

  13. Claudio Escouto

    Muito bom!!,, a cozinha fazendo seu trabalho

  14. Freaking awesome!

  15. Not a bassist but this stuff is really cool

  16. Loooove it!

  17. im actually funking out

  18. Love it! Thank you.

  19. Great lesson, thank you immensely.

  20. Francisco Vazquez

    wow wow wow…

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