Style of Sweet Child O Mine 1, Guns ‘n’ Roses Inspired (Guitar Lesson) Electric

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Sweet Child O Mine 1, Guns ‘n’ Roses (Guitar Lesson) Electric ST-313


  1. Since re-tuning my guitar is a pain, can I just play everything down 1 fret?

  2. i have a song request its acdc-the jack plzzzzz help me :)

  3. Bradley Stewart

    you should do a video on chattachooee by Alan Jackson

  4. hey marty could you please only send me tutorials by you ? thx mate

  5. Benaya Sahap Hasudungan Munte Secondary Student

    +martyzsongs what tuning is it?

  6. Such a hack

  7. if it wasn't for you id only be able to play smoke on the water using the wrong notes

  8. Dude your the reason I still care about playing guitar. Every song I know I learned from you. Thank you so much man

  9. nice one Marty. you really make lessons simple and fun to learn. thanks for your help.

  10. Could you give me a link of this guitar tab? Thanks! And it was a very, very helpful video, just as always by u, thanks for doing the videos, you are helping me a lot! Stay awesome!

  11. Pratik Khobragade

    Where to join that 100 request thing Marty?

  12. thanks for your help marty

  13. thanks for your help marty

  14. Kacper “Creep” Crepiński

    Very simple, Very good lesson.

  15. Hey, whats the amp settings on this song? I got a Marshall MG30CFX. Could somebody please help me? Thanx

  16. thanks

  17. I think Marty just left his pinky out for beginners but I just want to point out that even if your a beginner for alot of ppl it's much easier using your pinky. I'm a beginner and I had trouble stretching my fingers and keeping up with the speed of the song. i re learned the song with my pinky and it was much easier for me. just depends what your good at. long comment but the point is don't get stuck on a song bcuz your trying to perfectly copy what Marty does. you can change up techniques based on what your good at, just as long as your hitting the same notes

  18. What amp do you use?

  19. Hey Marty! I'm a guitar player of 30 years. Really enjoyed this video. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. ….you did!! Thanks man. Keep up the good work. Beginners to seasoned players can always benefit from vids like this. Rock on!

  20. thanks Marty you're AWESOME. Btw can you please make some tabs for it too.

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