Sublime – Santeria – How to Play on Guitar – Free Online Guitar Lessons



  1. why does everyone watch this guys covers? they're never even close to sounding the same

  2. I'd love to learn this song but I don't practice Santeria.

  3. its not right

  4. It’s a shame he had to loss his battle with drug addiction he had some great songs he had to od then he had a hit album but that seems to be a pattern with good artists

  5. Like a boss, once again

  6. Your vid suck badly

  7. this guys face is miss shaped like worm no chin

  8. Hey so I'm new to electric guitar and don't really have the whole guitar and amp settings down yet. Any advice to get it to sound like it did in this video? Playing on a Fender Stratocaster and a Fender Mustang 1 amp. Thanks guys 😉

  9. d g and b? what the fuck?

  10. i really like how you did that solo. the original is too hard. but yours had a jazzyreggae soumd.. nice

  11. Daddy Butter Unboxings

    I can't quite figure out what he's playing after the e to eb part

  12. Marty is the face of online guitar lessons.

  13. If ur finger wasnt bent i could tell wagt fret u was on

  14. Great solo Marty

  15. just pick that one. I really learned from that

  16. This guy is a G

  17. marty can you please do a lesson of smoke two joints by sublime and leaving Babylon by sublime. PLease man thank you one love

  18. David Livingston

    Marty you are awesome man! I've been playing for 6 years and I've been watching you since I picked up guitar!

  19. Marty Schwarts is a fuckin' homie!

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