Sublime – What I got – Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson – How to play Sublime on Guitar

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  1. EXCELLENT lesson! Some people blow through this stuff way too fast, but this was perfectly clear and easy to follow! I'd love to see you do a tutorial for "My guitar wants to kill your mama" by Frank Zappa. Thank you, and keep up the good work :)

  2. AlwaysSomethingHorrible

    Sucks that i can't do the solo. I CAN play it, but my 14th fret is loose. Makes 12 sound just like 13 and it's bad.

  3. maybe next encarnation I'll be able to play that solo

  4. Marty seems hung over.

  5. The solo is what's played during the chorus right?

  6. Got to tell you I've watched 50 different guys to try and follow along,and you make it the easiest by far. I'm getting ahead of myself and trying to learn more than one song at a time cause of the comfort level you set. Keep up the great work and thanx a bunch!

  7. FUCKKKKKK!!!!!!

  8. This is one of my favorite sublime songs and now I can play it because of your video, thanks a bunch, you are a great help.

  9. rockyvideomaker123

    So that's why he wears a hat now.

  10. gtrzyoutubezrtg

    Love the video, but I think it sounds better with the g chord in which you bar the third fret and you position fingers two three and four like an Emaj chord. Just personal preference that I thought y'all should try 🙂 

  11. Could u do April 29 1992 By Sublime please
    Would be much appreciated. And thanks

  12. I really love the numbers and x's on the bottom they made understanding the chords easier than every other video I've seen so far. Thanks for that.

  13. SuperBobthezombie

    Thanks this was such a big help thanks a ton

  14. love the wilt chamberlain with the glow. BRUCE LEROY….NIGGA PLEASE!!!!!

  15. Nathaniel Brockway

    love that hat

  16. hey man can you teach how to play CCR "long as I can see the light"

  17. The solo is pretty damn easy as far as solos go

  18. this isn't really beginner..well the solo isn't

  19. Philadelphias FavoriteSon

    Doesn't sound like the song.

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