Sugar Ray Every Morning Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Every morning there’s a fedora hanging at the corner of Marty’s four-post bed. Breaking down Every Morning by Sugar Ray for today’s lesson! I’ll teach you the main guitar lick and the chords throughout the song. Grab your guitar’s and let’s play!

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  1. Thanks for watching and supporting MartyMusic! I also have FREE courses at my site

  2. bout time you did some sugar ray

  3. Can you do a tutorial on Fare Thee Well (Dink’s Song)?!?!???!!??!!

  4. Can you do a tutorial for “Back From the Hospital” by Hot Sugar?

  5. thedevilsplayhouse

    Sugar Ray is such an underrated band. Thank you Marty for bringing back the good memories! 🙂

  6. Absolutely love surger ray, beautiful lesson, thank you so much!

  7. Great lesson. Would like to see you breakdown "The Old Apartment" acoustic sometime by Barenaked Ladies

  8. I just got the Katana 50 Mk2, you just reassured me that I made a wise purchase. THANK YOU MARTY

  9. Patrick Kinnaman

    Man, that guitar sounds good…Want one.

  10. more like sugar gay

  11. Dude from the bottom of my heart thank u so much like legit I couldn't have gotten to my level of guitar playing if it wasn't for your detailed tutorials! Thank u so much for spreading ur talent to people like me!!

  12. Have any Buddy Holly videos? If you don't can you do Peggy Sue?

  13. could you please do gypsy by dio i cant find tabs or vids anywhere. thanks anyways

  14. Great song choice and a fun song to play in these not so fun days, thanks man!

  15. Dr Monalisa Bhoktiari

    Marty play the song sultans of swing

  16. Hey Marty, you know what would be really cool? If you, James James and Rick Beato and the "Shutup and Play Your Guitar" guy would get together and make a video – all on the screen at the same time in your normal settings, playing the same song, taking turns at verses, solos, etc. – collectively that would be a significant audience and the ad money raised could go towards helping our front line health care workers – just a thought.

  17. New acoustic there Marty? Nicest Gibson I’ve seen. Thought you didn’t have one of those

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