"Sultans of Swing" First Solo Guitar Lesson – Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler

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Hey guys Marty Here from my home “MartyMusic”! Happy Friday and here’s the first solo lesson for “Sultans of Swing” by heavy request. I’ve already been working on the next one so thanks for your patience.

Also, just to let you know as of writing this, I only make my videos for my own project “MartyMusic” now!

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  1. Thanks for supporting me with MartyMusic! Free courses when you sign my newsletter at http://www.MartyMusic.com

  2. You're the best dude. Thanks.

  3. The best solo, by the best guitarist, shown by the best teacher,
    Thanks mate

  4. Timestamp where I stopped 14:00 but I'm missing something and I know what it is and also go to 10:50 and fix the mistake remember?

  5. Man! It just makes you appreciate the genius of Mark Knopfler more.

  6. Another subscriber. Well done

  7. U gotta play like Mark does. Else it isn't cool…n u don't get the exact sound n dynamic.

  8. Thanks, you're a great teacher. Looking forward to the other solo(s) in Sultans.

  9. Anyone else's fingers dying from bending acoustic?

  10. ( me listening to Sultans of Swing ) then I hear ( shouting ) "HEY!! WHAT"S UP YOU GUYS MARTY SHWARTZ HERE!!!". ( Me – takes of headphones. That's enough ).

  11. So good, cheers Marty man

  12. siddharth mukherjee

    You are amazing we are very fortunate to have a teacher like you
    Love from india ❤️

  13. marty …youre the best tutor…..i learned many solos from you

  14. I love your videos. Yours along with Griff's are pushing me further than I've gone before. I don't think I'll ever hear Griff playing "sultans of swinging", on account of his wife making him sleep on the couch. It was nice to see it referenced here.

  15. Marty Clause!

  16. 9:22 Minecraft intensifies

  17. …most clear version of this music scale I've hear… keep up the good job!

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