‘Summer In The City’ Lovin’ Spoonful Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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  1. Yes! Great song! Ready for Summer already!

  2. How about Hypnosis by Mud or Get out of my pagoda by Chris Spedding?,all the best for 2019

  3. Thank you great job!

  4. This song and "Come On Down To My Boat Baby" always put me in a warm Summer frame of mind even though the ground is covered in snow right now where I live. Thanks, Jason!

  5. Great! Thanks! 😉

  6. Always been a fan of this song. Thanks for the lesson 😉
    Would you consider doing a guitar lesson on Tales of Brave Ulysses by Cream as it is based on this song?

  7. Very nice!

  8. Bang on Jason. Brings back great memories of the 60's. Superb interpretation and lesson! Cheers and all the best for 2019!!!!!

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