Summer of 69 Acoustic Guitar Lesson (Bryan Adams) MTV Unplugged Guitar Tutorial

Check out my new guitar lesson on how to play ‘Summer of 69’ by Bryan Adams. This is a transcription of the live acoustic version that appears on his MTV Unplugged album. As always I’m bringing the song to you with on-screen chords, TAB and rhythm slashes.

This song was requested by viewer Rahul Pujari and I chose it today to introduce the idea of sus chords on the guitar as the main picking lead part uses them a lot.

A “sus” chord is created when replacing the 3rd of a major or minor chord with either the 2nd or 4th degrees of the chord’s corresponding major scale.

In the song, we see both D and A sus chords. Considering an A major chord, which is created from the 1st (or Root), 3rd and 5th degrees of the A major scale. The A major triad is therefore A, C#, E.

To create a sus2, we replace the 3rd with the 2nd degree of the scale (in this instance a B note). An Asus2 chord therefore has the following notes: A, B, E.

A sus4 is created in the same way except we replace the 3rd with the 4th degree of the scale (in this instance a D note). An Asus4 chord therefore has the following notes: A, D, E.

Be careful with the picking directions as you play the lead part. As a general rule, my picking direction is determined by which string the next note is played. I will pick down if the string is physically lower (e.g. from string 3 to 1) and conversely pick up if the next note is higher (e.g. from string 1 to 3).

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  1. Thank you Sir. for mentioning me and undertaking the request. It certainly meant a lot. Your knowledge of guitar from all the videos is really very helpful to me and i guess for all the viewers. again thanks a lot and i have also asked couple of my friends to check out your channel here in INDIA. 🙂

  2. cool, a question what kind of a guitar your using?

  3. Btw great guide to Summer of 69. Perfectly explained. Thank you very much!!!

  4. For Outro, In strumming, do you play all the strings and mute the last one or is it just three strings for the respective chords?

  5. Great one !!

    I have one more request if you can … Can you please share the tutorial for "Between the rain drops by Lifehouse" on acoustic. Please share if possible.

  6. great tutorial…:-D

  7. That Indian Engineer

    nicely done

  8. Great work!

  9. Been wanting to learn this one for ages – thank you Ryan! I don't know if you've covered them already/if you've got other stuff to do but in case you want a listen … the acoustic version of Sunny by Bobby Hebb and Something Good by Alt J have been getting me through exams. All your videos are great 🙂

  10. Omg I love this song! Thanks for helping me learn it!

  11. wow!! This was amazing!!!

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