Summer Of 69 Guitar Lesson – Bryan Adams

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Well it seems summer has finally arrived and I think one of the best songs to celebrate with is “Summer Of ’69” by Bryan Adams.

There isn’t much to worry about with this one when it comes to any technical difficulties. I do arrange the keyboard part for guitar which may provide and additional challenge but even that is quite simple if you break it down correctly.

This Summer of ’69 guitar lesson can easily be studied by every level of guitarist beginner to advanced.

In the video lesson I break down each section and end the lesson by showing you how to
play the guitar solo. The solo itself is rather simple with some nice long bends that you will need to focus on to keep in tune.

This is definitely one you will wanna break out at the campfire or beach. Everyone loves it and it is a lot of fun to play as well.

I have played Summer of ’69 100’s of times in top 40 bands and it has always been a crowd pleaser. Hopefully you will get the same enjoyment out of it that I have. 🙂

OK strum away!! Carl..
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  1. plz give lesson
    heaven by bryan adams l

  2. for the tone just do a basic crunch sounds great to me!

  3. did I miss the part about the bridge? where in the video do you talk about the bridge? "man we were doing time, we were young and reckless, we needed to unwind"

  4. Always excellent – thank you!

  5. Excellent lesson, thanks mate.

  6. Why would anyone give this a thumbs down?! Great lesson, and I really appreciate the three cameras shots. It helps having the close-up of the finger positions for the cords.

  7. IMO you give the best lessons on YouTube,and have helped me tons Thanks!


  9. now working again!

  10. "Who needs a keyboardist you know those guys are kind of clingy"

  11. hey would you mind doing tutorials for everything I do and please forgive me, including their solos

  12. we have the same guitar! And thanks man love this song classic

  13. Absolutely incredible tone!!

  14. absolutely incredible lesson….officially impressed!!!

  15. When I learn a new riff or song or whatever, I pray that you have a tutorial cuz your my go-to guy!

  16. very cool stuff 😀

  17. nice playing

  18. What are u using for the special guitar effects

  19. Great played !!!!!!!!!!!! 
    can you play "she's a little too good for me" by Bryan Adams
    please check it!!!!!!

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