Summer Samba (So Nice) Chord Melody Guitar Lesson Demo

Complete video lesson with PDF and Mp3 track available at
“Summer Samba” also known as “So Nice” is a popular Brazilian tune found in movies and jam sessions. Because of it’s repetative melody it’s an easier tune to learn for the jazz strudent to master and an easy addition to your set list. Rich harmonizes the tune in single notes and then moves to 3rds to keep it interesting. It’s also a fun tune to start you improv ideas. Lesson includes a 20 minute video showing exactly where to play it plus a PDF in tab and notation plus a performance/practice track.
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  1. So nice

  2. Muito obrigado!!!! Português Brazil


  3. The Eastman sounds great

  4. How about a Samba rhythm? That is a Latin beat..

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