Summertime acoustic- guitar lesson

Summertime acoustic- guitar lesson

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  1. so easy and so well! Thank you for great lesson!

  2. What happened to putting the chord fingerings on the screen?

  3. Fucking love you Man, !!! From Argentina !!!!

  4. Gracias….. muchas gracias por compartir.

  5. Es una delicia escuchar esta canción, muchas gracias

  6. This sounds so nice, i struggle so hard with the bar chord, sounds nothing like yours

  7. thanks for the lesson, sounds great. but for the lick playing after the verse. which scale do I use?

  8. Thanks for singing it too! Sounds great!

  9. Thank you Glis for the lesson!

  10. Georgios Bitelis

    …a fantastic lesson…bravo!!

  11. I can't work out why your sound is just better than mine

  12. are you using a pic dude coz I don't know how you hit so many strings with just your fingers

  13. Thanks from the Netherlands.

  14. Bella Fiorentino

    is this in the key of E?

  15. Bella Fiorentino

    Thank you!! been wanting to learn this for so long and watching the first 46 seconds now i can play it!!! heheheh thank you 🙂 

  16. thanks bro

  17. Thanks a lot

  18. it's very nicely play….. just like a cool fresh air when the sun goes down … after a long hot summer day …

  19. Thanks !!

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