SUMMERTIME – Easy Chord Melody LESSON – Guitar Lesson + Tabs!

Very detailed jazz guitar lesson of SUMMERTIME chord melody for guitar. Incl. free SUMMERTIME TABS of this chord melody lesson!


Summertime – Easy chord melody guitar lesson:
I made this chord melody lesson as easy as possible, without making it sound boring or bland. Summertime is one of the most popular jazz standards / jazz ballads. Since it is not very fast it is very suitable to arrange it as a jazz chord melody tune.

Summertime chords and Summertime melody – all at once:
In this chord melody lesson you`ll learn, how to play the chords and the melody simultaniously. You can also call this a solo piece for guitar. No other instruments needed, you can play it all on your own, which makes it sound pretty impressive.

I hope you enjoy this jazz guitar lesson. Cheers, Sandra————————————————————————————————————–
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Enjoy, Sandra 🙂


  1. Andrés Martz G

    Gracias. gracias. saludos

  2. Thanks for the great arrangements of some great jazz classics. Your tabs are most informative as well….

  3. Andrea Veronese


  4. Sounds cool, thank you!

  5. Thanks again.

  6. youre a very good teacher thank you for explain

  7. Stéphane Lavacry

    Thank you !

  8. Learning so much thx !

  9. I would like to learn how to play wave I have a lot of versration I would like to learn it from you. You make things a lot less complicated thank you!

  10. even i m not fluent in english speaking , i can follow your instruction and explanation cause you're so clear and patient to show us any note and why and how to play it , it's a lesson with a big value and you demonstrate you're knowledge , if i was in the neihgboor i take a place to be student directly for four years !!!! subscride and follow !!

  11. merveilleux arrangement , bravo !!! en plus votre présence donne envie de vous écouter et de vous suivre , le son est super et l'image aussi , les explications sont claires et la vitesse permet de comprendre et de suivre , je m'abonne de suite !!! merci pour votre partage!!!

  12. Thanks, Sandra 🙂 This lesson was very detailed and helpful!

  13. Hello Sandra! I have an unusual suggestion (no standard yet) for a tutotial : "My Valentine" by Paul Mc Cartney. This song is sooo good!
    Here it is:

  14. Thank you again for this great lesson,Sandra. You are the one!! May i give you a request for a new song in relation to the upcoming Christmas Holiday Season. It's the song of Mel Tormé called: The Christmas Song.

  15. love your videos plz could you do chord arrangements on all the things you are , satin doll and blues jazz etudes (in Bb and F) , it will be awsum , thank you

  16. Thank you Sandra! I appreciate the lesson and the teaching in the walkthrough is excellent! Best wishes!

  17. Thanks for all. Please let me know which is your ampli set up for this video.

  18. Is it possible to replace the standard pick by a dump pick? Just an idea.

  19. very good thank you

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