Summertime – Jazz guitar lesson (Chords and Melody)

I had a request about how to solo on guitar. That’s a very good question, and I want to show you a way which has helped me a lot. I will teach you to improvise a solo over the Jazz standard Summertime. You can use this on blues and rock as well. I will show you tomorrow, but today I thought I should teach you how to play the basics of Summertime first. It’s not necessary for the solo lesson tomorrow 🙂

Here’s a link with the chords, melody and backing track:
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  1. Nice one Filippa, we’ve certainly got the “summertime blues” over here in the UK LOL. Great little lesson, looking forward to the next one.

  2. awesome! I was just thinking of doing a jazz video myself!!

  3. Grégory 13111282

    Ici c'est la pochette et image d'origine du disque vinyl que je possède>>>
    Bonne découverte a toi si tu ne connait pas déja ce disque et enregistrement 😉

  4. Grégory 13111282

    Ici>>> je t'ai trouver l'album remasterisé,mais la pochette du disque n'est pas l'image originale,écoute la version de summertime "side A"the last song.

  5. Grégory 13111282

    Bonjour Filippa,merci pour cette leçon,je la trouve très bien,sans superflue tu va a l'essentiel je vais apprendre la suite d' accords et faire mes improvisations sur des solo de guitare!Tu connait la version de Lonnie Johnson du disque vinyl Lonnie Johnson "Losing Game" (Prestige Bluesville)?? il y joue une version magnifique,sur ce disque vinyl il joue la guitare il chante et fait aussi du piano,je te conseille de faire des recherche sur ce vinyl,qui est assez rare a trouver et que j'ai eut la chance de trouver dans une foire aux vinyl 🙂
    Merci bonne continuation a toi! Greg

  6. Do you have much experience playing with a slide? You're a great teacher. Whoooooooo.

  7. Thats a great lesson, Filippa. Thank you.

  8. Very nice lesson Filippa! Love that pre bend release. So expressive!

  9. Jeg er ikke nogen musiker, men jeg er god til at skrive noveller og – hvis jeg gør mig meget umage – digte, for det meste på engelsk. God påske

  10. Wow, Filippa! You are terrific! Your timing, your tone and your touch are wonderful. I really do love to watch & listen to you play. You are a blessing to music lovers everywhere! Your fan and friend, Dave (USA)

  11. Also, F, you maybe should explain (w demonstration) just what a "slide, vibrato, and bend" ARE , for real beginners…you are so SMART!!

  12. EXcellent! What a great little 12 yr old teacher you are!! Great song to begin with, too! Brilliant idea to put chord diagrams over live video!
    One idea to make it even better…zoom in a little more on the fret board–video is a "close-up" medium–the closer , the better! No need to see the tuning pegs/headstock, right?
    Wow–your hands are 12, but your head is 34 !! You just keep getting BETTER !!!

  13. Guilherme Dantas


  14. Filippa, you should check out British youtube guitarist Jess Lewis, she is very talented and plays a lot of jazz stuff which i think you would enjoy.

  15. Great lesson..just got into Jazz music 2 weeks ago and listening to it almost exclusively. Can't wait for part 2!

  16. The begining sounded like Song of Storms from The Legend of Zelda

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