“Sunday Morning Grooves” on Bass Guitar – Episode 1 w/ Bryan “B Dub” White – Bass Lesson

Sit down with bass player Bryan “B Dub” White as he breaks down some of his favorite bass grooves that he loves to play on Sunday mornings. This is Episode 1 of an on going series of bass lessons that will be provided so make sure you hit the subscribe button and notification bell! You don’t want to miss this.

Track Download: http://hearandplay.s3.amazonaws.com/downloads/sunday_morning_grooves_1.mp3

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  1. Righteous – thanks!

  2. What chords would you use if you wanted to play with a keyboard player?

  3. Very cool line. Great teaching style, and I love the note indicator over each note. Often, it is difficult to see exactly which note is being played since other fingers are hovering over other notes. This feature really helps the student. Thank! Alex

  4. Mandingue music notes !!!!

  5. BDizzle that's funky sir.

  6. lotta love b-dub,,mannnn my step dad used to play for Isaac hayes on the shaft album…i used to listed to him behind the door…i got a chaep ole bass man but i cant coordinate nothing between the frets…im a 1 stringer !…soooo thanks for just taking the time to help folk bro….

  7. i gotta learn this groove

  8. smooth!!!!

  9. yeah bass is awesome but seriously im worried bout the bassists body phusique which is alarming

  10. Sounds great , but it sounds more like a lead guitar than it does a bass …..

  11. That’s grooving so strong!!!

  12. Maybe this brother needs to put down the bass and get his body under control, be able to play standing up again and live a healthy (and hopefully long) life.

  13. This like r&b ?

  14. This really makes me want to play bass now…

  15. Different than other bass players that ive ever heard .Wow

  16. You're a great teacher. Good video.

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