Sunflower River Blues by John Fahey | Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson

Learn a classic John Fahey piece. Easier to play than it sounds!
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  1. Hi Adrian, love that open tuning sound, working it on my gs mini, could you tell me what kind of Martins model do you play ? Sounds great and if you have more advices on basics fingerpicking style let me know.Thanks for all you do , so great Channel.

  2. Love that you're covering Fahey…you always have a knack for covering a lot of the guitarists/songs that really inspire and intrigue me. Thank you!

  3. This is great! Keep it up man

  4. Darklinger AEld-ridge

    Excellent – will compare to the tab in Fahey's BOOK, The Best of,,,,,

  5. Simply put….fantastic! Thanks for taking the time to reach out to your subscribers with such first class instruction and devotion! Well done Adrian 🙂

  6. bro, its easy but extremely confusing. pls upload the tabs

  7. Great lesson once again. Thank you.

  8. Sounds great. New to me. Thanks for the introduction!

  9. hi adran.great lesson.can you do a lesson on fahey's..night train to valhalla"?

  10. Love John Fahey and this is a gorgeous piece wonderfully played. I better get more adept at Travis picking before I attempt this one. A splendid pairing of microphone and guitar as well. Bought a Taylor GS mini in mahogany this year and love it. Thanks for doing more Fahey.

  11. Brilliant. Love John Fahey. Something to work on for the weekend.
    I love Sligo River Blues by Fahey as well but I can never work out picking patterns by ear so just fiddle around playing something vaguely similar.
    His name is Irish so would’ve been Fahy, pronounced Fa-hee. Somewhere along the line an “e” got added and the pronunciation was butchered to
    Fay-hee. Many Irish names get mispronounced. Mahoney, Moran, Gallagher (second G is silent) etc.

  12. wow another great song form a great teacher. I am curious to your thought on the band the the, if you didnt know johnny marr played on quite few of the albums and i know your quite the johnny marr fan like myslef. anyway i was thinking there arent really any the the guitar tutorials so if you coud it would be great to see you teaching some. Love Kartman3xy <3 :-]

  13. Hi Adrian! This is my favourite video of yours, you played it beautifully! I love the folky stuff e.g. John Fahey, Nick Drake, Davey Graham etc… You have a beautiful guitar, I used to own a Martin OMC-15E (sounded similar to the guitar you're using here) <3

  14. Thanks bro , what's mic are u using ?

  15. Fahey was a absolute madman. Mata o morir

  16. Love it. Great choice!

  17. John Fahey was the man.

  18. Thanks for sharing great music again! Mesmerizing piece. As weird as it sounds, that low C drone seems to make the whole body resonate even through the headphones.

  19. Wow Adrian, what a cool arrangement. That’s really sweet. Open C? Forget what I said… psst…love the guitar, don’t know if I’ve told you that!

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