Sunshine of Your Love – How to Play on Guitar – Eric Clapton – Cream – Blues Rock

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  1. Girlie Macaranas

    Nice Stratocaster buddy!

  2. Do the guitar solo to this song
    Hi Marty! and the SOLO ? … :)) tks!

  3. Yolanda Canales

    I’m the TOOTH FAIRY!

  4. marty cockgobbler, i got absolutely nothing from this tutorial. you only skimmed over it and my friend also said he got nothing from it. marty cockgobbler, i am very disappointed.

  5. Alexander Koutroumpas

    Good job! You could also show the tab

  6. thank you maestro!

  7. Nicely explained!

  8. Great lesson, please could you do linkin park?

  9. dat mesa sounds amazing

  10. Anthony Henderson

    What is the power chord he plays at 350

  11. Marty your the best

  12. Laurie Lessard

    vive clapton

  13. Matthew does nothing

    pls teach update to bad to bone

  14. Marty I've been following your videos for about 8 years now, so just when I started. You are an amazing teacher and imo the best guitar teacher on Youtube. Thank you for doing what you do! I've learned a lot from you and I am very grateful!

  15. SkeletonKing X9

    Psychosocial by Slipknot please

  16. Nice tutorial, thanks for sharing

  17. Royale With Cheese

    I always wanted to play guitar… but the beginning seemed so slow…

  18. Royale With Cheese

    Cries in smoke on the water

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