Super Beginner Blues Slide Guitar Lesson – Basic Slide Guitar Techniques 1

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  1. I generally use a capo or a glass bottle

  2. lesson on high hopes slide solo !!!

  3. Thx Dude, your lesson really helped me to get into slide guitar. Much appreciation!

  4. The best guitar teacher on Youtube!!!!

  5. 7.07 😀 😀 😀

  6. I associate slide guitar with Texas.
    Home sweet home!
    … blame ZZ Top

  7. Have you ajusted the neck? The open E is hard on necks.

  8. Spring break w/ Marty, wouldnt have it any other way! haha

  9. I swear you are the first person who said put your fingers on the string behind the slide. Wow! That's a HUGE factor in not sucking at slide apparently because I no longer buzz.

  10. Marty, question, can I use a 5/8 inch deep well socket?

  11. Ohh Martay! Awesome!

  12. Thanks Marty, total beginner here.This is a big help!

  13. Never tell me the odds

  14. I just converted a jacked up Aspen 12 string to a 6 string slide, with a grover nut.
    Now to learn how to play the critter.

  15. You're the best!! Love all your lessons!

  16. Marty, where did you get that cool pickguard? Love it.

  17. Christopher Skeen

    I be breaking strings when I tune to open E on my acoustic what gauge do u reccomend?

  18. That sounded like hey joe

  19. Thank you!! Great to learn with "hey Joe"

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