Super Beginner Slide Guitar Lesson

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Hello friends,
In today’s lesson I’ll show you how to play slide guitar! This tutorial will demonstrate how to play a clear and pitch-perfect note, how to perform a major triad, and how to perform the cmajor scale using your slide. These techniques are commonly used by players like Derek Trucks, Duane Allman, George Thorogood and Johnny Winter. Let’s get started!

Slides I recommend in medium size, you may need something bigger or smaller:

Mudslide, Medium size:
Dunlop Medium size Brass:
Derek Trucks Signature Coricidin Slide:

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  1. Great slide tutorial , but YouTube is killing it with commercials . Commercials in the middle of videos are Very rude !

  2. Ronaldo Thomé Júnior

    The slide proves that you don't need to be a shredder to play difficult;)

  3. Somebody make a ceramic that fits my fat f'ing fingers PLEASE!

  4. I absolutely love this blokes accent!!!! Endearing to say the least!!

  5. Anybody knows if the slider works on a classical guitar, instead of an acoustic one?

  6. Raymond Ramirez Valdivia

    “Used to seeing metal or brass”

  7. I drink wine out of a box. I tore open the box and cut off the plastic valve thing off the bag. Now what??

  8. Richard Lionhardt

    Chicks dig this.

  9. Richard Lionhardt

    Try a steel slide on nickel wound .16 ghs dobro strings on a lap steel tuned to open G or open E. Forget about playing slide on regular gauge strings on a typical electric guitar. And use a vintage tube amp turned up to 11 for maximum distortion/square waves. Overdrive the preamp by turning up both the volume and tone on the lap steel for a truly scary slide guitar sound.

  10. Douglas de Jager


  11. Thank you!

  12. Great lesson! Standard tuning?

  13. Should I try slide guitar if I'm a beginner or is it too hard for me then?

  14. Eow kay

  15. Nice tutorial!!!

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