Super Easy Beginner Country Guitar Lesson | Acoustic Country Rhythm | Guitar Tricks

Super Easy Beginner Country Guitar Lesson | Acoustic Country Rhythm | Guitar Tricks

In this country guitar lesson, Anders will teach you how to play a super easy country rhythm on acoustic guitar. He gets the classic country style by using an acoustic guitar and will teach you how to strum in time using simple, easy chords with a beat. Anders will also practice with you slow and easy with a metronome.

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Core Learning System is the award-winning step by step beginner guitar program from Guitar Tricks. Country Level 1 is the first course in the after you get through both Guitar Fundamentals courses in the Core Learning System, a great place to start for absolute beginners. Here is a lesson from Chapter 1 of Country Level 1 on country strumming basics!


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  1. His guitar is out of tune….

  2. Great solution to a common problem,thanks. Beautiful guitar.

  3. I'm sorry but FINGER NAILS!!!!

  4. thank you so much

  5. What acoustic guitar is he playing please ? Does it say vkn or vrn ? Or is that initial of someone ?

  6. This is a very good lesson on how to strum your guitar. Thank you very much !!!!!


  8. An amazing teacher, I’m already familiar with some of the stuff but you still taught me a lot, thank you!

  9. Thank you so much

  10. Clear, concise informative lesson.

  11. Back beat Down beats explained, these typically are left out of lessons, I find most students lack these skills, we assume they just know these Rhythmic schemes but they do not . Many tell me they figured it out on their own later but wished they had been taught all those rhythmic definitions earlier …….thanks for reminding me it's important to explain it ……

  12. angelblessingflowers

    Excellent  lesson. Thank you

  13. I can't believe people would find this difficult to do. It came so naturally to me and all I had to help me back in the 80's as a teenager was an Eagles songbook, the first greatest hits one which had tabs that helped me learn FULL chords like G and C major four finger style and not the 3 fingered lazy bastards crap all you people teach these days. What's the deal with that anyway?

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