Super Easy Beginner Songs on Acoustic Guitar Lessons : What I like About You – The Romantics

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  1. Brilliant TA

  2. You’re really good at playing that

  3. Your a Ledge Marty;-)

  4. Marty, you rock man. I'm surprised that nobody has picked up on the fact that you just taught us two songs in one. This is the exact same chord progression and strumming pattern, I think, as Neil Diamond's "Cherry Cherry". The only difference is that for "Cherry Cherry" you tune the entire guitar down a half step.

  5. Same as R O C K in the U S A.  Johnny Cougar, She Got The Western Movement Neil Diamond and probably a few others. Well worth learning 3 for the price of one!


    hey u always have a cool songs thx

  7. Mr Fantastic yellow

    Will this sound the same with electric guitars?

  8. how about the intro?

  9. putting a capo on 3 lets you play along to the original record. lmao learned that from the office xD

  10. This a fun song to learn

  11. When a guy who looks awesome as fuck in a fedora shows you how to play guitar you got to pay attention to him.

  12. thanks so much for the videos marty. i just started playing guitar about 2 months ago after a leg injury and ive learned so much stuff from u. never thought id be able ever play guitar

  13. Thanks Marty, always enjoy your easy to follow lessons…you rock !!

  14. Doesn't sound bright or high enough any recommendations?

  15. Thank you so much !! Your video are fun to watch and easy and i like them

  16. Thanks so much dude, you helped me learn the other videos are hard to concentrate on, but yours it great. Thank so much

  17. Missing the g to the d chord before the lead.

  18. this guy is awesome !

  19. Where's the intro?

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