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Lesson Correction*** (16th note triplets) not 32nd notes

Hey fellow Bass Playas and Face Makas! In this week’s lesson, I’ll be covering a Crazy Slap bass technique and using it inside of a groove. (16th note triplets) This lesson will really help you to develop a more precise hammer on technique, especially if you grab your bass and really have some dedicated practice time! Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below and let me know how your technique is progressing!
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I get a lot of questions about what strings I use. If you’re interested here’s a link to them below:
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  1. Am looking how I can inpro my bassline

  2. Excellent !!!!!!!

  3. What bass model do you use in this video? It sounds amazingly!

  4. D , if i could play like you. i would be the most content man in the world. Money is definitely not what its all about. Thanks for sharing your "cool"

  5. Thanks for this. You are amazing!

  6. Good lord !!! im amazed. Thank you sir.

  7. Cool trick, thanks Daric

  8. José Damián Bazaga Ruiz

    thanks a lot. Now we know what Victor Wooten does. It seems so difficult but put it in parts and it seems like anyone can learn it too.

  9. Thanks Daric, your lessons are so good.

  10. Thanks, big man! I'm always looking to improve my bass play and this is a challenge worthy of effort. You make the result sound just brilliant.

    Cheers! And subscribed 🙂

  11. Slap the bitch, pluck the bitch, got it!

  12. O Audio muito ruim,magrinho

  13. Andrey Akhmedvaliev

    -Thanks for this video!) Cool)

  14. Quote of the day: "Hammer on D, Pluck the D."

  15. Thank's a lot!

  16. great lesson but these are 16th note triplet.

  17. Евгений Рябов

    Cool. Thanks for the lesson

  18. Do a video on ear training please

  19. Great technique!!!

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