Super fun Pentatonic Pattern, Melodic Sequence for Improvisation and Technique Development

Get the TAB and GP file here:
In this guitar lesson tutorial, we’re going to learn how to use the super cool 3-in-a-line pattern with the Pentatonic scale – using Legato (hammer-ons and flick-offs) to keep it smooth and fast (if you want to!)

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  1. If you wanna just see the kind of lick that you get with this pattern thing click the link below – in hindsight I should have put one at the front of the vid but I forgot!

  2. amazing video production. bloody great.

  3. Rump Rat Ronald

    this comments section feels like a justin fan club , are you sure its not justin with many fake accounts praising himself ? im NOT sure .

  4. This is how the guy who taught me to play guitar showed me the m pentatonic. For years it was the only way I knew how to play it and why it's so hard for me to use my ring finger instead of the pinky. Untill I discovered Justin, that is. Where were you in the 90's?

  5. Charles Roberts

    4:14 Every time I hear that I think he’s about to start rippin Heartbreaker by LZ

  6. From Leo: I appreciate all your work, and it has helped me over the years. Every time I hit a road block, I go back to the basics and break out the metronome, and correct bad habits. You have a very interesting guitar. I have never though about a Filtertron on a strat. I really like the clarity of a Filtertron. I put TV Jones pickups on my Gretsch, your guitar has given me an idea to utilize the stock Gretsch Filtertrons.

  7. If I haven’t missed it, could you consider a lesson on right hand picking? So many of us ignore that part in favour of the left hand.

  8. Alexandre Verdoni

    Hey Justin thank you so much! Any chance you could cover some Queens of the Stone Age on your next video?

  9. peter youngman


  10. This is the absolute, no questions asked, like no other, most useful video to understand improv of pentatonics on YouTube

  11. What guitar is that?

  12. Al Guitar Christie

    A flick off in the UK is a wank!

  13. I love your lessons. Even when we already know the story, it has a good amount of useful information. Great teacher, you are. May the force be with you.

  14. If I'd make a video about those pentatonic-sequences it would last for 2 minutes.

  15. Sergey Rosinskiy

    Hey. what model of your guitar?

  16. You rule Justin!

  17. Cant find the tutorial of hotel california

  18. Please do not show that to Lee Anderton!

  19. wakefieldyorkshire

    Im'e sure i can hear the beginning of Radar Love in the first bit?

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