Super Sad Melody in G major for Beginners. Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson

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Can a sad melody be in major key?
I was reading a cool article about the connection between music and emotions and I wasn’t surprised to read that sad, emotional melodies are written in minor key.
It makes sense and I do agree with the writer. The minor key is dark, sad, pessimistic, melancholic, dramatic and unpleasant and there is a reason for that which we are not going to discuss here (at least not in this post).
The question is “Can I make a melody in major key sound sad?”
I think so! And I have been challenging myself trying to write one.
In this fingerstyle guitar lesson I am going to show you a sad melody in G major key.
Because we are playing in a major key, we have to work twice as hard to make this melody super sad. We don’t have the minor cadences to help us and we also don’t have a minor melody.
In order to win this challenge we will have to rely on other things such as: Expression, over-ringing and (not priority) few guitar effects.
Expression: This is the most important aspect you’ll have to develop. A sad melody needs to express a negative, melancholic mood. We can give this moon to any melody regardless if its a major or minor melody. Pluck the strings gently, play the bass note before the melody, use “tempo rubato” ( an expressive and rhythmic freedom in tempo).
Over-ringing: Make sure the melody resonate beautifully. Hold the notes and let me melody ring out nicely. The over-ringing technique can make everything you play sound more melancholic and calm.
Guitar effects: I use a lot of reverb and delay to sustain the notes.
This is an awesome guitar lesson that I am sure many of you are going to like.
As always take it step by step and only more on to the next part when you feel ready.
Let’s get started.

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  1. Playing songs is nice when you play in front of your friends… but melodies like these are the ones which give you personal satisfaction at the end of the day

  2. It has a kind of romantic feel

  3. I cannot stretch 5 frets! Any options?

  4. amazing bro….

  5. In love with this melody! So gonna learn this! Thanks 🙂

  6. After watching two videos I had to subscribe. Looking forward to picking up some tricks from you.

  7. What a truly beautiful piece of music. I'm going to learn it hopefully. Thanks for your excellent teaching and cool mellow style. Have a blessed day.

  8. Broken angle guitar tutorial with fingerstyle please

  9. Besleaga Vasile Bogdan

    Beautiful song. So perfect before bed. Nice Marco. 5✨

  10. Thank you so much

  11. Lol,if you wanna "sad" melodi in major key just use minor chords of tonality

  12. Ti prego, fai altri video per principianti!!! Grazie di quello che fai. Sei bravissimo.

  13. Anyone else having trouble stretching from 3 to 7?

  14. Sheila Vernay Pugh

    I don't think this melody is sad; I think it's beautiful and romantic.

  15. Very nice lesson ..thank you vry much sir for this lesson

  16. Sourav Mukherjee


  17. ahmedsalah mahdjoub

    I'm really thankful for your lessons, I have improved a lot following your lessons. Please, never stop uploading content.

  18. Sir, I really thankfull to you for that you've been teaching your guitar's knowledge. And I've never seen as like you, other can do, as beacuae your teaching is excellent and it's clear to understand and playe. That does make me to learn more and more anyway now my guitar's fingers picking is awsome and would be more, it has been doing for your teaching, so I'm not giving you that you want as because I'm a student so, that is, but I can do pray for you, May God bless you.
    Anyway Sir, I just want give you one lessons to make for me please, Do you know that Ahmar Ali ? I want to leaen Ahmar ali's guiter lession… pleases sir, make it for me…

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