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Guitar Tricks 74:
The lesson that many of you metal guitar heads have been asking for has arrived: Sweep Picking! Shall we start with two strings? Guitar Tricks instructor Ben Lindholm will get you started with this entry level lesson on metal’s holy grail of shred licks, the sweep pick. It’s not easy but if you take your time and follow Ben’s direction, you can be on your way to sweeping like the metal masters. Turn it up to 11, time to learn how to sweep pick!

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  1. hey!!!! what a coincidence!! we have the same guitar pick!

  2. What's the intro song?

  3. Stanley Baclea-an


  4. Somebody tell me what he was doing in the intro, I NEED TO KNOW

  5. What is the classical song at 0:18 ? It sounds familiar.

  6. what technique did you do at the very beggining?

  7. playing for about a year. I have no knowledge of reading chords. I wanted to shred on an acoustic,however it'll be easier sliting my wrist with a stop and shop coupon than sweep picking.

  8. Dude…watched this lesson the other day and forgot to save (subscribe). Took me almost an hour to find it. GLAD I DID!! That picking technique (D,D,U) is incredible. I almost instantly felt a difference. THANKS!! Now…..let me subscribe so I can check out your other lessons.

  9. Dude , what was the song at the beginning , or did he make that up

  10. Andreas Eliasson

    2:36 – Buddy you're a boy make a big noise, Playin' in the street gonna be a big man some day……. and so on!

  11. dude, great job… i need to practice more but this was a great help

  12. what the hell am i watching this, I don't even have a guitar

  13. Pretty cool.

  14. 1:40 Totally not sped up.

  15. So I tried that technique you did at the very beginning and broke my string

  16. This is some of the most educationally-exceptional instructional video I've seen on YouTube.  Terrific job.  Thank you.

  17. Nice lesson

  18. Thanks, really helpful 🙂

  19. The Mask In Me Official

    This was horrible and a waste of my time

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