Sweep Picking Lesson – Steve Vai Solo – Electric Guitar Lesson – Guitar Tricks 80

Sweep Picking Lesson - Steve Vai Solo -  Electric Guitar Lesson - Guitar Tricks 80

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Guitar Tricks 80:
This week Ben Lindholm picks up his series on string sweeps for the GuitarTricks.com Channel. In this lesson he’s got a twist on the usual sweep method as he creates some insane video game type effects using four-string sweeps.

This Lesson is perfect for fans of rock and metal guitar, that want to shred like the masters: Steve Vai, Joe Satriani , and Paul Gilbert.

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  1. Namaste thank u so much

  2. Wow now I can play chords thanks

  3. Let's say I intend to play this arpeggios in 32ths notes all in one go, if I laid the first note on the downbeat (instead of the fourth one, as you do in the video), which approach would you use for the up picks?

  4. FYI your picking hand technique is bad your hand should remain solid pic angled 40 degrees no flip flopping the wrist up and down. and your doing this to create less resistance in your sweep because your attack pick and is almost straight on the string rather then angling your pic to lesson the resistance. but it is very impressive you can still do great with that style .

  5. TheRockerDudeeeeee

    i don't know how to use sweep picking properly in a solo i am confused if i need to follow the chords or not

  6. Isn't it some Jeff Loomis trick ?

  7. It would be great if you answer everyone's question…What is the song at the beginning of the video?????…Please do a lesson on that. …Thank you

  8. Sounds pretty much like when you select a character in Street Fighter 2

  9. Thanks man! will definitely try this!

  10. thanks….

  11. Aytekin “ByReXx” yurtseven

    merhaba :)

  12. how i met your mother barny :D

  13. Haha, i'm actually learning how to play the Electric Guitar, and I'm a girl, I really like your solo moves. :)

  14. what is the song that you played at the beginning!!
    any 1 plz tell me!!

  15. can we have a lesson for your intro music plz!! plz!! plz!!

  16. can we hav a lesson for ur intro too?? plz 🙂

  17. He does it nice and clean, still I think it sort of sounds more like a really cleanly executed rake than a sweep

  18. Impossibru!

  19. Good lesson! Thanks

  20. amazing beginning

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