Sweet Caroline – Guitar Lesson – Neil Diamond Easy 3 chord Song Tutorial

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  1. juan gabriel garcia luna

    what to do if for E chord my thumb cant touch the first string to mute it. If i touch it then with the palm of my hand I touch the last string

  2. You are the best…i'm now well versed with guitar only because of your videos

  3. I am so happy for finding this channel

  4. Margy Tillistrand

    You are personable musician and an excellent teacher!! Bravo! I will be visiting your website!

  5. Hi Andy, a new to the guitar 65 yr old fella, ive been watching and learning from you and have just ordered your beginners book, I think you are amazing and so easy to follow. Many thanks hon. Kind regards (with sore fingers) Gary.

  6. Andy can you please write out the up down rhythm pattern for Sweet Caroline? Are your rhythm patterns in one of your books?

  7. Super good dude- as easy as it gets! Nice instruction! I've seen other chords for this song, but these seem to be the best.

  8. Cool gutair

  9. Wish you would play it with a capo. Everyone should have one!

  10. Andy Ive been enjoying your lessons but I bounce around a lot lol anyhow is there anywhere in your site that tells what notes and chords belong in each Key?Thanks Keith

  11. I've been following your lessons closely. Thank you so much from Calgary, Canada. You are awesome.

  12. Brilliant tutorial! Thank you! Sweet Caroline is a kareoke classic in my family!

  13. Excellent Andy. Thanks for that one

  14. Bro you're tops mate. Like easiest teacher. 1 Suggestion can you put those images that show what fingers go on which Frets? Awesome work man keep it up 🙂

  15. Thank you so much I am just a beginner but you have helped me so much thank you

  16. Terrific T Family

    Your videos are so intuitive which makes me pick up the guitar and keep practicing. Only beginning, however feel like I'm progressing nice thanks to your input. Recommending you all the time. Thanks a mill!

  17. miyanda michelo

    Thanks Andy, your lessons are easy to follow. I watch your videos even when am not practicing. I started 3 weeks ago and my friends think I am a natural and I recommend you always.

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