Sweet Child O Mine Guitar Lesson Guns n Roses – EASY BEGINNERS CHORDS VERSION!

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  1. i missed how to strum with the pointy part of the pick…??? ☺

  2. Hi Andy, what if your Coil-Splitting settings like on this one, if you would please?

  3. That's beautiful Les Paul!

  4. Damn! That Les Paul…

  5. Love it 🙂

  6. Shining stars of India

    Please upload how to play power chord all power chord lesson upload..

  7. iam gonna bring my guitar tomorrow to the beach and try to get to get laid with this simple awesome song.

  8. Thank you andy

  9. I really like the videos you make, and I want to play guitar Like you, but we are here different from your country. we are here no musical instrument like you have that very much … send one aja guitar les paul, i hope you hear our complaint here, in aceh, indonesia. thanks.

  10. I get it

  11. I am so glad to find Andy on the youtube:)

  12. Best teacher ever….

  13. I love you Andy!

  14. Cheers Andy – great lesson – thanks so much!

  15. Started playing guitar 20+ years ago but stopped playing some years back. Forgot everything I learned but your lessons have got me back on track. Great vids, thanks!!!

  16. Andy – PLEASE SHOW some EASY Metallica!!!!!!!! : ))

  17. YOU R PERFECT <3

  18. A great lesson thank you

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